Cara (raisingrrrl) wrote in badger_ball,


Two Things...

1) branwyhn IS going to seek for us... thank GOD. Adrienne, the snitch will be released approximately 8 pm EST on SUNDAY. Are you READY??!!!
Note to team: if you didn't know, branwyhn actually did the seeker challenge when we did our drill... she actually did all of the challenges... this is why I love our house!

2) Keepers.... have you gotten your challenges in? runeenigma, I know you messaged me about yours, so that makes me smile. roxane13, did you get yours in?

I am REALLY excited about this match.... we are doing SO well so far (even with a mild heart attack). Check out the chaser post so that you can see the writings.

We're going to take this one!!! WOOT!!!!!

ACK!!! Photo Missing!... Tell me.
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